cupboard storage under stairs
cupboard storage under stairs

Scandy carpentry is renowned around the world for being well-designed, natural and durable. We bring this approach to all the carpentry and joinery work we do at Handy Scandy. As Scandy handymen we are naturally fans of Ikea but we also know there are times when nothing in the catalogue will fit that nook or cranny and you need to find a solution that only bespoke carpentry can achieve. Handy Scandy’s experienced carpenters and joiners are able to solve all your carpentry needs both inside and outside the home.


With our superior knowledge and quality craftsmanship we are able to create that ideal design to fit the space you need perfectly. We have helped many clients achieve space saving solutions, add extra storage, build cupboards and units, shelving, TV consoles, tabletops and wardrobes and much more. We know that it takes time and thought to design and create a practical yet comfortable home and so our carpenters are available with the right advice and the right tools to help you design something to suit your needs.


After discussing your specifications we will be able to work out the most stylish yet efficient solution and as always we will employ our no fuss, no mess, fully satisfied customer policy to carry out the work the Handy Scandy way.

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