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handy scandy handymen putting up a picture
handy scandy handymen putting up a picture

Do you have an ever-increasing list of things to fix or repair in your home? Well we know how you feel, and that’s exactly why we started Handy Scandy! The company began after experiencing the frustration of endlessly fixing up our own homes when we couldn’t find handymen competent enough to do it for us. We now find that one of our top Handy Scandy services is the ability to provide excellent, English-speaking, efficient handymen all trained the Handy Scandy way to meet all your home maintenance and DIY needs.


However long your to do list, our team will be able to help you tick off all those jobs around the house you never quite get round to. We can help with every detail from hanging pictures, mirrors, curtains and shelves to fixing doors, cupboards and all other types of general maintenance jobs. Our trained professionals are always ready with the right tools, skills, efficiency and tidiness to get the job done right first time, the Handy Scandy way.

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